Food Policy Councils

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Other Resources

  • USDA Compass
  • VA Dept. Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • Map the Meal Gap – A Project of Feeding America
    • Data Available
    • Food Insecurity, childhood
    • Food Insecurity, overall
    • Average Price Per Meal
    • Percent of food insecure people eligible for SNAP
    • Additional money required to meet food needs (i.e., food insecure people not on SNAP)
    • Data available by: state, county, congressional district, and food bank service area
  • USDA Food Environment Atlas – Entire Dataset available for download; Print feature available for interactive map
    • Data Available
    • Access & Proximity to Grocery Store
    • Store Availability
    • Restaurant Availability & Expenditures
    • Food Assistance
    • State Food Insecurity
    • State Food Prices and Taxes
    • Local Foods
    • Health and Physical Activity
    • Socioeconomic Characteristics
    • Data available by: state and county
  • USDA Census of Agriculture – Data Available for download, Quick Stats 2.0 allows online query, interactive webmaps, summary charts
    • Data Available
    • Crop and Livestock Production
    • Economics(Market Value, Production Expenses, Government Payouts, etc)
    • Operator Characteristics
    • Land use Characteristics
    • Separate datasets for Aquaculture and Organics
    • Data available by: state, county, congressional district
  • Policy Map – A Project of the Reinvestment Fund – Maps can be saved and printed, downloadable data (coming soon), requires a free account
    • Data Available
    • Demographics / Income and Spending
    • Housing
    • Lending
    • Quality of Life
    • Economy / Education
    • Health
    • Federal Guidelines
    • Analytics (important note: includes Limited Supermarket Access Areas, or LSA)
    • Data available by: state, county, zip code